Empowering People – Turning Potential into Sustainable Success

Who we are and what we do for you

WHO: MarkenFactory was founded in 2010 by Christine Riedmann-Streitz and is an owner-managed consulting & coaching company with a focus on BRAND and INNOVATION, and CHANGE, as required in the context of innovation and change processes, new working environments, smart city projects, digitalization strategies and digital transformation of business models as well as the focus on sustainability.

FOR WHOM: Based in Frankfurt am Main, we work for national and international organizations of ALL SECTORS (including e.g., food, consumer goods, finance, medicine, mechanical engineering, IT, chemical and pharmaceutical, event industry) and SIZES (start-ups, SMEs, multinational corporations). We work for retail, commercial and service companies, for cities and islands, for municipalities and municipal companies, for associations, NGOs, institutions – organizations looking for professional and efficient support with their challenges, future direction and specific projects.

HOW: We provide our clients with expert support from the initial idea, through strategy and conception, during the often difficult transformation, to successful implementation and sustainable realization. We work with a HOLISTIC APPROACH so that goals can be achieved effectively and efficiently and valuable synergies can be created and utilized. This also enables the coherent, goal-oriented, meaningful approach necessary for successful change processes. We work directly oriented to our clients’ practice. Depending on the context, we act as consultants, moderators, sparring partners, facilitators, trainers, and coaches.

Our approach is EMPOWERMENT so that our clients can turn their potential into sustainable success. As progress and change do not happen by “shortcut by announcement”, we start with attitudes & awareness and the meaningful context. In doing so, we build on what already exists, on the organization’s sustainable strengths and competencies. Long-term success can only be achieved on the basis of the company’s own strengths and assets, which we develop and promote. That is why we do not work with prefabricated solutions, but rather individually and tailor-made. Our work is targeted; it builds on the strengths of the company and its employees as well as the core values of the brand and the corporate culture. This always takes into account the customer experience and industry-specific developments.

We approach things with a holistic, future- and solution-oriented view, working individually and tailor-made. This enables us to achieve results that are differentiated and relevant to practice, authentic and credible, effective and sustainable. In our work, we take into account current topics, lasting trends and economic, technological, ecological and social developments as well as relevant and proven scientific findings.

WHAT: We work for and with our clients at their key levers for sustainable profitable growth and future success. We support them with their tasks, challenges and problems, with short and long-term projects. We enable them to develop the necessary orientation and framework for complex projects or to overcome the “power of habit” in change processes and accept new things. In doing so, we pay attention to the levers without which effective and efficient implementation with sustainable results is not possible. We advise on future topics and enable organizations, top management and executives to identify the strategic and value-based guard rails for their transformation and then develop, implement and turn them into a sustainable and sustainably successful future.

We have a selected proven training program for organizations, executives, managers and their teams as well as employees for further education and organizational development. We train organizations and employees in future-relevant strengths and competencies.

Proven – Recognized – Listed

MarkenFactory is a listed company recognized by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA) for the “promotion of entrepreneurial know-how” (BAFA: Federal Office of Economics and Export Control, Economic Development and SMEs; MarkenFactory GmbH listed with number #168518). Eligible companies from the SME sector and eligible consulting projects with which they commission MarkenFactory are financially supported by BAFA.

We are a listed consultant at the German Institute for Corporate Succession (DIFU) and a training provider at KommunalCampus.

MarkenFactory is a partner of the HLPgroup.

Network of experts

Our work for our clients is future-oriented and interdisciplinary. We work with an ORCHESTRATED EXPERT NETWORK of selected experts from various disciplines and different backgrounds. It is a long-standing network of selected professionals who we call in for specific projects as required or with whom we initiate joint projects. Our customers benefit from this specialist know-how: the experts in our network share MarkenFactory’s high standards and have many years of experience in their field.