Portrait_Christine_Riedmann-StreitzChristine Riedmann-Streitz, the Managing Director & founder of MarkenFactory GmbH, is an expert in brand & identity (with leadership & culture), innovation & creativity (with business model development), change & transformation (with organizational development and future topics such as new work, smart city, resilience, purpose, sustainability).

She advises and is a sparring partner for shareholders, board members, managing directors and supervisory boards. She empowers and supports managers and their teams to acquire new skills, change patterns of thought and behavior, develop and implement strategies and future designs in the context of digital transformation, changing working environments (New Work) or the Smart City, as well as to act resiliently in phases of challenging change and to recognize and develop new options for action.

With her methodical approach “Empowering People – Turning Potential into Sustainable Success”, she enables organizations to identify their strengths, acquire and anchor new skills and improve their performance using recognized scientific methods (including Harvard) and neuroscientific findings as well as decades of practical experience. As a consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach, she supports managers and their teams in recognizing, promoting and developing their company’s own and individual personal potential, making it effective and turning it into success. She empowers organizations, managers and their teams to change patterns of thought and behaviour, achieve their goals and develop visions for the future. This is achieved through an orchestrated variety of methods, including consulting, training, workshop and workshop formats and coaching. Her work combines strategic and conceptual know-how with sound practical knowledge and insights from various industries, stakeholder segments and sales structures.

In her work with organizations, in her lectures, as a panelist and author, she deals with relevant future topics:

  • Brand&Identity/Leadership&Culture:”HumaneHybridBrands-afuturevisionforstrong brands in the digital age”, “The Future of Brands in a Digitizing World” (White Paper / Business Wire), “Redefining the Customer Centricity Approach in the Digital Age”, “Digital Leadership”, “Hybrid Cities as a future concept of increasing urbanization”
  • Innovation&Creativity/BusinessModelDevelopment:”FutureStrategiesfor Sustainability”, “Cooperative Value Creation”
  • Change&transformation/organizationaldevelopment/futuretopics:”Workingworld4.0, “The role of humans in an all automated economy”, “Smart City & Participation”, “Competitiveness needs digital competence” (White Paper/IHK Frankfurt am Main), “Consequences of new technologies and AI (artificial intelligence) for companies, trade, brands and people”.

In 2017, she published her book „Gibt es noch Marken in der Zukunft? Hybrid Brands – eine Zukunftsvision für starke Marken“, Springer Gabler. Read >
In 2018 she published “Redefining the Customer Centricity Approach in the Digital Age”, Springer Nature.
In 2022 she published “Rethinking ‘Smart’ Islands towards Humane, Self-Aware, and Cooperative Hybrid Islands” was published, IX INTERACTIONS „Thinking Cities
In 2023 she published the white paper “Bench-Learning live – The booster to secure the future”. Read >
In 2024 she published “How to Create and Foster Sustainable Smart Cities – Insights on Ethics, Trust, Privacy, Transparency, Incentives, and Success” appeared in International Journal of Human- Computer Interaction. Read >

She designs and moderates innovative event and training formats in physical and digital space.

Profound expertise
Her background: Before founding her company MarkenFactory in 2010, Christine Riedmann-Streitz worked internationally in top management positions – with global responsibility for companies and employees in very different sectors – in industry (B2B, B2C), retail and the creative industries. These include renowned brands and market leaders such as De Beers, Geberit and bulthaup. She managed and was responsible for the following divisions: Brand Management, CX (Customer Experience), Marketing & Advertising, Public Relations, Internal Communications, Product Management, Innovation, Sustainability, Trade Fairs & Events, Call Center (inbound, outbound), Training Centers.

The certified trainer and coach also works as a keynote speaker, moderator (event, conference, panel, business/internal company, radio/TV), panelist, author, university lecturer (e.g. Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main, Fresenius University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden and Hamburg) and member of selected national and international committees.

Teaching positions

Hochschule Fesenius, Hamburg

Faculty ‘Business and Media’
Lecturer for Master’s programmes ‘Sustainable Marketing and Brand Strategies’ and ‘Digital Management’

Fresenius University of Applied Sciences, Idstein, Wiesbaden
Faculty ‘Business and Media’
Lecturer for Master’s programmes ‘Sustainable Marketing & Leadership’, ‘Employer Branding & Retention Management in the Context of CSR and Innovation Competence’, ‘Sustainable Marketing and Brand Strategies’ as well as part-time: ‘Implementation in Marketing Management’, ‘Media & Communication Management’

Goethe Universität Franfurt am Main
Department of ‘Economics’
Lecturer for ‘Innovation and Change in the Digital Age I and II’ (Bachelor & Master)
Lectures in ‘Advanced Management’: ‘ReThinking Innovation in the Digital Age’ (Master)
Lectures in ‘Strategic Management’: ‘ReThinking Innovation in the Digital Age’ (Bachelor)

Karlshochschule International University, Karlsruhe
Departments of ‘Intercultural Management and Communication’, ‘International Marketing Management’, ‘Strategic Management’
Lecturer for ‘Change & Innovation’
Coach for ‘Corporate Projects’

Universität Hohenheim, Stuttgart
Department ‘Marketing & Business Development’ of the Institute of Marketing & Management
Lecturer for „Nachhaltigkeit 3.0 – Brand Management & Marketing in Zeiten des Sustainability Gap
Lectures: „Markenführung

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Frankfurt am Main
Lecturer for the subject area ‘Project Management’ in the management programme

Bodies and committees

HCI International, the International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction, and its associated conference DUXU (Design, User Experience, and Usability)
member of Program Board der DUXU Toronto 2016, Vancouver 2017, Las Vegas 2018, Orlando 2019, 2020 (planned Copenhagen, took place as a virtual conference), 2021 (planned Washington, D.C., took place as a virtual conference), 2022 (virtual conference), Copenhagen 2023, Washington, D.C. 2024

Deutsches Institut für Unternehmensnachfolge e.V., Dortmund
Member and consultant of the DIfU, German Institute for Corporate Succession

Industrie- und Handelskammer Frankfurt am Main
Member of the IHK committees Information Economy, Economic and Management Consultancy, SMEs,
Elected member of the Vollversammlung der IHK Frankfurt am Main

Schweizerisch-Deutscher Wirtschaftsclub

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