Today, every company is challenged to remain competitive through its distinctive ability to change and its active power of innovation, thus minimizing the entrepreneurial risk. Change in the digital age affects every workplace in every industry. And in order to actively shape the future, everyone needs to be fully productive.

Only those who rethink their working environment will secure their future and performance. The working environment is changing dramatically, whether entrepreneurs are prepared for it or not. Global competition, new technologies, robotics, demographic change and mobility are already having a strong impact. The dynamics of the global economy are affecting every workplace. The employee market forces companies to enhance their attractiveness in the eyes of existing exmployees and potential candidates. Agility is required so that even market leaders and pioneers do not suddenly become laggards. The future is uncertain, but not a force of nature, it can be actively shaped. Therefore, entrepreneurs should not ask: How will we work in the future? But rather: How do we want to work in our company in the future in order to be fully productive? What is our goal and what are the necessary prerequisites for this?

Success is made by people – not by machines
It is no longer enough to improve what already exists and to invest in efficiency only. Due to increasing digitalization and machine-man interaction, employees must be empowered and trained to stay in the driver’s seat and not become assistants of digital technologies and AI. It is therefore necessary to create new framework conditions for the corporate working environment. Essential elements are:

  • professional skills and emotional intelligence
  • individual scope for action and decision-making
  • corporate culture and leadership style that foster motivation and engagenent
  • an attractive vision, real-life corporate values, a defined and consequent attitude and a strong common purpose
  • a strong corporate and employer brand for external and internal identity and orientation

Companies are more and more challenged to minimize their entrepreneurial risk through the ability to change and innovative strength, in order not to risk their own competitiveness and to become driven by change. The optimal orchestration of working environment, workplace requirements, individual job and communication requirements is crucial. Empowerment of people, agility and leadership excellence are the success-critical prerequisite for the working environments of today and tomorrow.

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