Christine Riedmann-Streitz is an experienced business and event moderator. She moderates panels and podium discussions, congresses and conferences, projects and meetings, world cafés and open spaces as well as workshops in public and non-public formats. She is also a sought-after moderator for internal company board and management meetings, employee events, innovation workshops, subject-specific workshops and events organized by associations and municipalities.

Types of moderation: Economic/business moderation, workshop moderation, moderation of participation/communication/creative formats, event moderation, network moderation, conflict moderation, moderation of change processes, moderation of innovation workshop, project moderation, moderation of online formats.

On request, we support our clients in the development and design of the content and thematic concept of the “event” to be moderated as well as in the orchestration of the overall process, with individual preliminary discussions and briefings.

The moderations take place in person (in a physical space) or in a virtual space – in German or English, depending on the client’s wishes and the audience.

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Moderation (extract from public moderations)

HLP Management Schlaglicht
Issue: “Glaubenssätze gibt es nicht nur in der Kirche … sondern auch im Business”
Speaker: Armin Hess, Coaching-Beratung-Armin Hess, Neudenau, Germany
Moderator: Christine Riedmann-Streitz
Date: 09. August 2023

HCII2023 Design Café
World premiere of a new event format for the HCII conference, Human-Computer-Interaction-International conference
Issues: Sustainable and Resilient Communities (SDG 11) and Human-Environment Interactions
Idea, initiator, concept, organization, realization, moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz

The HCII2023 Design Café took place as part of the 25th HCI International Conference on July 28, 2023, in Copenhagen, Denmark.
HCI International 2023 (HCII2023), together with its associated conferences, is held under the auspices of 21 prestigious international committees with 499 members from 60 different countries. The aim of the conference is to provide an international forum for the dissemination and exchange of current scientific information on theoretical, generic and applied areas of human-computer interaction (HCI).

The aim of the HCII Design Café is to provide a forum for (re)thinking and discussion of HCI topics in the context of broader issues relevant to society and business. The HCII Design Café is aimed at interested stakeholders from various professions and industries. The intention is to stimulate open dialog, constructive reflection and informal, meaningful collaboration, to encourage creativity and inspiration in a casual atmosphere and to support innovative approaches to putting ideas into practice.
The results of the HCII2023 Design Café have been published.

HLP Management Schlaglicht
Issue: “Nachhaltigkeit in KMUs: Bürde oder Chance? – Warum KMUs von ihren Nachhaltigkeitsanstrengungen profitieren werden”
Speaker: Wolfgang-Michael Mehl, Klopotk & Partner GmbH, Berlin
Moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz
Date: 14. December 2022

Madeira Island Design Café
Issue: Transformation of Madeira towards a “smart” island (self-aware, cooperative, hybrid)
Target: “ReThinking” dRethinking current and traditional perspectives on “smart” islands with the aim of excellence (“lighthouse”) in research & innovation
Method: Design Café with Participatory Innovation Model (MarkenFactory)
Context: the EU funded FORWARD project with ARDITI and the University of Madeira as partners
Keynote: Dr. Dr. Norbert Streitz (Smart Future Initiative)
Concept, realization, moderation of the Design Café: Christine Riedmann-Streitz
Location: Funchal, Madeira
Date: 26. and 27. October 2021

E-Commerce Week 2020
Issue: „Customer Experience ist zum kritischen Erfolgsfaktor für den Geschäftserfolg geworden – Praxistipps, worauf es wirklich ankommt”
Concept, moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz
Location: Online, worldwide
Date: 04. till 08. May 2020

Deutscher Handelskongress – Retail World 2019, Berlin
Praxisforum „Marke & Handel“
Chair, moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz
Host: HDE (Handelsverband Deutschland) und Handelsblatt Media Group, Germany

Kommunikationskongress 2018
Panel: „Kommunikation mit Wirkung in Zeiten der Digitalisierung“
Conzept & moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz



Interaktives Panel
Interaktives Panel

Bodo von Braunmühl, Delivery Heroe AG; Natascha Thomas, Agence France Press GmbH; Harald Zulauf, mc group

Business Wire: Tempo
Panel-Diskussion on the occasion of the Future Convention 2017
Issue: “Public Relations in Zeiten der Kommunikation 4.0”
Concept, moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz


Business Wire auf der Future Convention 2017

Interaktives Panel

Business Wire auf der Future Convention 2017

Interaktives Panel

Business Wire auf der Future Convention 2017

Experts e.g.: Corinna Laudert, Klenk & Hoursch AG; Eva Pauli, fischerAppelt AG; Anja Henningsmeyer, Hessische Film- und Medienakademie

PDL Forum 2017
Post- & Dokumenten-Logistik Netzwerk des DVPT e.V.
World Café “Digitale Transformation”
Concept, moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz

Franfurter iTalks Frankfurt am Main
Concept, organization, realization, moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz
Date: 2014 till 2017

Future Network XChange
“Digitale Transformation, Disruption oder Konfusion!?”
Concept, moderation: Christine Riedmann-Streitz
Date: 23. Juni 2016