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Panels with expert Christine Riedmann-Streitz (extract)

Interaktives Panel

Host: Fraunhofer IAO
Date: 25.11.2019, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Interactive Panel “Picture of Tomorrow” – with:
Christine Riedmann-Streitz, Managing Director, MarkenFactory
Casimir Ortlieb, CEO, e.GO digital
Dr. Julian Petrin, Urbanista

The “Picture of Tomorrow” panel discussed how digital civic participation can succeed in the future. “A city,” said Christine Riedmann-Streitz, “is a dense cultural and economic space. Living urban culture is created through citizen engagement in the physical and digital world. It is the city’s responsibility to create the framework conditions that motivate citizens to actively contribute their needs, knowledge and skills and help shape the city of the future. Citizen engagement only works if individual citizens get back more in the long term than they have provided in terms of time, knowledge and data and, in particular, what helps them to improve their lives and work independently. The professionally developed blueprint for the future, formulated in the vision, is the prerequisite for a successful transformation into the future. The vision gets to the heart of the desirable goal and answers key questions: What kind of future do we want to live in? What does it look like, the city of the future that we want? How will we live and work in it? – The vision is always city-specific and represents the identity and DNA of a city, from which the values that should guide urban design can be derived.”

Deutscher Marken Summit 2018

Issue: Future Talk „Gibt es noch Marken in der Zukunft“

Christine Riedmann-Streitz, Managing Director, MarkenFactory, and author of the book by the same name
Prof. Manfred Güllner, Geschäftsführer, forsa Gesellschaft für Sozialforschung
Martin Schumacher, Olympia Verlag
Moderation: Jürgen Scharrer, Chefreporter, Chefredaktion, HORIZONT
Photo: Deutscher Marken Summit
Date: September 2018, Lufthansa Aviation Training Center und Zentrale der Deutschen Bank


Photo: Jürgen Scharrer and Christine Riedmann-Streitz

Business Wire Tempo „Watch! Read! Share!“

Future Talk „Gibt es noch Marken in der Zukunft“

Issue: „Neue Multimedia-Trends als Mittel zur Interaktion“
Date: Juni 2017, Deutsches Filmmuseum, Frankfurt am Main

“It’s hard to imagine the Internet without visual content,” said the announcement of the Business Wire panel, which was aimed specifically at PR and marketing specialists, journalists and media professionals: Here, “experts share valuable know-how on how to use multimedia elements to their advantage, what new trends there actually are and how they can be used to generate more attention and interaction.”


Talk-guest: Christine Riedmann-Streitz (MarkenFactory), Jan Eggers (Redakteur, Hessischer Rundfunk) o.a. Photo: Business Wire

Christine Riedmann-Streitz (photo) explained new applications of augmented and virtual reality in particular and pointed out that “images decisively shape our perception of the world”, “they control our emotions”. What is new is the speed of communication and the expanded technological spectrum through image processing systems with AI (artificial intelligence), augmented and virtual reality. For providers, this means a “new wealth of facets for presenting offers, placing topics, interacting with customers and involving people”. She also pointed out the dangers: “Brands quickly and irreparably fall into the credibility trap or suffer digital burnout if they base their actions on the primacy of what is technically possible and not on the primacy of the benefits for people”. She called for a high degree of transparency and appreciation towards the customer.

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Oldenburger Schlossgespräche

Issue: Arbeitswelt 4.0 – Wie wollen wir morgen arbeiten?

“Global, digital, flexibel: Wie arbeiten wir morgen?” … “Global, digital, flexible: how will we work tomorrow?” – this was the topic of the Oldenburger Schlossgespräche in December 2016, moderated by Jörg Thadeusz and initiated by the EWE Foundation. “Our working lives are subject to constant change, which is significantly influenced and accelerated by digitalization, demographic change and the consequences of globalization. This change harbors considerable uncertainties,” was the announcement on the website.

Jörg Thadeusz im Gespräch mit Christine Riedmann-Streitz

Jörg Thadeusz in conversation with Christine Riedmann-Streitz

Jörg Thadeusz im Gespräch mit Christine Riedmann-Streitz

Invited experts on the panel were (left to right): Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Jäger (Hochschule RheinMain), Christine Riedmann-Streitz (MarkenFactory), Jörg Thadeusz (Moderation), Dr. Peter Seyferth (Gesellschaft für Fantastik-Forschung), Margaret Heckel (Autorin und Journalistin), Prof. Dr. Hans-Michael Trautwein (Universität Oldenburg)