“The purest form of madness is to leave everything as it is and at the same time hope that something will change” (Albert Einstein)

Concentrate your forces! Create new options for action and future solutions with the instrument of Cooperative Value Creation.

Create added value. In the efficiency-driven digital age. In an environment where global events confront organizations with unexpected challenges in the short term. In markets that are shaped and determined by ubiquitous platform systems. In industries that are being disruptively changed by providers from outside the industry. In an economy in which new digital technologies simply make established products, applications, processes and business areas obsolete. As well as in a social environment in which long neglected developments such as climate change, a new health consciousness and nutritional behaviour confront companies with complex short-term challenges.

In order to adapt the organisation to the new circumstances, it is no longer sufficient to continue your own business in a modified way. Individual organizations can no longer independently build and maintain all competencies to develop sound solutions quickly enough. On the one hand, the organizations and teams themselves must become faster in their processes. The entire internal knowledge – and experience shows that this is many times more than is actually used – must be shared across disciplines and departments in order to increase it and to be able to invent innovative solutions for new kinds of challenges. On the other hand, organizations and teams are dependent on cooperation and collaboration beyond traditional customer-supplier relationships and must find new forms of collaboration. Also through the joint development of business models. Across organizations and across industries.

Cooperative Value Creation

Cooperative Value Creation through goal-oriented interaction between organizations and individuals to create value: interdisciplinary – cross organization – cross industry

The instrument of cooperative value creation offers new serious options. Here, small teams from several companies work together with a common goal to develop solutions that benefit everyone. The following are the main advantages of Cooperative Value Creation:

  • Cooperative Value Creation involves the targeted, strategic and systematic bundling of valuable resources such as knowledge, competencies, insights, time, manpower, financial resources.
  • The partners involved in Cooperative Value Creation can gain new options for action and access to new markets.
    Teams can free themselves from the constraints of their own organization in Cooperative Value Creation with other teams.
  • Teams can bring new energy and new knowledge into their own organization through Cooperative Value Creation.
  • The instrument of Cooperative Value Creation enables teams to cope with complexity by being integrated into highly competent networks.
  • The instrument of Cooperative Value Creation can lead to the strengthening of one’s own entrepreneurial efficiency and effectiveness.

The instrument of Cooperative Value Creation is used within one’s own industry or cross-industry. The Cooperative Value Creation enables each participating partner company to save resources, to bundle them together with the other partners, to gain new resources to develop solutions from which all partners benefit and which would not be available without the Cooperative Value Creation.

We accompany and support the partner organisations of the Cooperative Value Creation throughout the entire process. We manage the process together with the partner companies in such a way that the Cooperative Value Creation achieves a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency and is specifically tailored to the goal and expected benefit of these partners – based on a common understanding of the „where to?“ (vision) and the „how?“ (cooperation, project design), which we develop with the partners.


Process Curve of the Cooperative Value Creation

1. Determining the Status Quo of the company: Identification of the Status Quo. Definition of the concrete and relevant action lines. Selection of relevant partners.
2. Project Definition & Planning: With the partners of the Cooperative Value Creation, including definition of the common goal, development of the concrete task, Quick Wins.
3. Growth & Expansion: Development of new options for action, innovative solutions, new markets for the partners of the Cooperative Value Creation (depending on target definition).
4. Saturation Phase: Win-win situation for all partners of the Cooperative Value Creation.
5. Joint Termination of the Project: The partners continue to use the results in their organisations.

Subsequently: Start of a new project with the instrument of Cooperative Value Creation with the same or other / additional partners.