Learning is essential for organizations, their managers and all employees to secure their future. Today, in rapidly changing environments, the only way to successfully shape your own future is through effective learning. To enable learning, many CEOs are calling their employees back to the office from their home offices at the start of 2024, around four years after the coronavirus pandemic began. They have concluded that although the day-to-day work is done in the home office, cohesion, knowledge transfer, creativity, productive collaboration and necessary further development suffer significantly.

Learning safeguards the future: this is why we have developed Bench-Learning live, the innovative management learning and booster for safeguarding the future. Based on our many years of practical experience and the relevant scientific findings, we have investigated how this learning can be effective, efficient, sustainable and forward-looking in an organization in the context of major changes. After all, best practices are known to be „yesterday’s news“, they no longer work as they are based on success parameters from the past. And collaborations with start-ups do not bring the necessary energy into your own organization. The result of our work is the sustainably effective method & minimum Bench-Learning live.

Those board members, managing directors and managers who do not want to endure or wait for change, but rather actively shape it and be in the driver’s seat, are faced with two key questions:

  1. „How do we manage to keep up with the external pace of change?“
  2. „How do we empower our employees and teams to develop viable approaches for new solutions and innovations in the midst of changing demands?“

The successful manager Jack Welch summed up the urgency of these reflections in his insight: „If the rate of change outside exceeds the rate of change inside, the end is in sight“.

The future can be actively shaped in a changing environment and the focus on the past can be overcome. Active shaping requires new thinking and this needs new impulses, a deeper exploration of new approaches, insights and solutions. Mechanisms and interdependencies need to be understood, new approaches tested and learned from. What is needed is innovative, effective management learning with a lasting impact – in a nutshell: Bench-Learning live.

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