“EMPOWERMENT – We empower people and organisations to turn their potential into sustainable success”
[Christine Riedmann-Streitz, MarkenFactory]

ORGANIZATIONS need BRANDS and INNOVATIONS in order to prosper sustainably and value-based.
Even successful ORGANIZATIONS need CHANGE for their future viability.
ORGANIZATIONS need the “perfect” team play of PEOPLE and DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY.
Success needs people.
We empower these people.

At MarkenFactory, we work for and with our clients on their levers for sustainable value-based performance and future viability: BRAND, INNOVATION, CHANGE, digital transformation in the context of NEW WORK. or SMART City/SMART Island].

  • in consulting, strategy, transformation, implementation, anchoring
  • as a sparring partner, consultant, facilitator, trainer, coach, moderator, mediator
  • with participation, training and coaching formats as well as live bench-learning (GET PREPARED)
  • as a keynote speaker, panel expert, moderator, author (GET INSPIRED)

With our proven EMPOWERMENT approach, we enable organisations, managers, teams and employees to sustainably develop their potential, acquire new skills, achieve goals, strengthen operational performance and deliver on the organisation’s value proposition – under change, uncertainty and complexity or, for example, in the context of a realignment or succession.

Brand, innovation and change are closely intertwined: In the digital age, there is no successful real innovation without a strong brand, and no strong brands without successful real innovation. And to achieve this, you need the competence to change.


Brand Strength ensures future viability

Brand profile – brand positioning – identity – purpose – vision – mission – corporate culture – values – value proposition – brand experience: Customer (CX) – Employee (EX), User (UX).

A strong brand significantly increases the company’s value. It is the condensed expression of high corporate performance and high identification potential; it stands for a clear attitude and a meaningful promise that is also valid in the future.


Innovation Competence ensures future viability

Innovative strength – Creative problem solving – Agility – Design Thinking – Blue Ocean – JTBD – Ambidexterity – Human Intelligence (HI) & Artificial Intelligence (AI) – Train-the-Brain

New requirements and emerging trends call for new solutions. Innovations with a strong brand and perceptible, relevant customer benefits are crucial to a company’s future. A “carry on like this” means a step backwards.


Change Competence ensures future viability

Digital transformation – sustainability transformation – corporate succession – new work – realignment of the organization – strengthening resilience – changing the mindset – Bench Learning live, etc.

70% of all change processes fail or do not achieve their goal. Change is difficult. Our brain likes what it is used to, which is why few people are positive about change. With our proven EMPOWERMENT approach…

Get prepared

Workshop – Seminar – Training – Coaching – Expert Talk – Fishbowl – Future Workshop – World Café – Open Space – Lunch & Learn etc.

In line with our approach ‘Empowering People – promoting strengths and potentials and turning them into successes’, we recommend the appropriate format to our clients and design this in detail (participants, dramaturgy, content, setting) so that the associated goals can be achieved in the long term.

get inspired

Lecture – Interactive expert impulse with workshop – Moderation – Panel – Publication

Ideas and knowledge are among the few resources that multiply when people share them with each other and are inspired by what is new or unusual for them. At conferences, symposia, trade fairs, target group-specific events, Lunch & Learns etc. or in the context of eLearning and Hybrid Learning.

focus topics

We regularly address relevant future topics and competences for our customers and interested readers in the form of articles, blogs, podcasts or white papers. You can find a small selection here in our Focus Topics.

Bench-Learning live
Cooperative value creation
New Work
Smart City
and much more.

Focus Future

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Focus Topics

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Bench-Learning live

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